HGM is the specialist in the field of sustainable, high quality maintenance of golf courses and offers practical solutions, such as:

  • Drafting and execution of preventive maintenance plans
  • Drafting of (phased) renovation plans
  • Irrigation- and maintenance solutions
  • Mowing of ditches and clearing of waterways with regard to inspections
  • Aeration and sanding
  • Draining
  • Draining, sand banding and sand capping
  • GPS mowing
  • Hydroseeding

Care and attention for your golf course

HGM uses the best equipment and customized working methods to prevent working damage. Furthermore, work is done at flexible working hours to minimize inconvenience for the golf players as much as possible.

Committed and competent employees

HGM employs committed and well trained employees. Every golf course has a head greenkeeper, who is responsible for the maintenance. HGM sets high demands to the selection of these supervisors. After all, they -together with their team- have to meet the quality standard. The head greenkeeper is supported by a permanent second hand (assistant head greenkeeper). Both employees have the appropriate qualifications and are being trained on a regular basis, to ensure that they work according to the latest insights and quality requirements. By the flexible deployment of employees HGM can meet the high requirements regarding the playing quality of the course, during all seasons of the year.

If needed, HGM can work together with an expert and neutral third party. For instance for an objective progress report or for the preparation of a baseline, when the maintenance of a golf course is started.